February 2

People in Baltimore Are Dumb


The Law of Attraction

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you’ve read “The Secret”, which made the law of attraction concept famous. For those who haven’t read it, the law of attraction is a way of manifesting into our lives the things we are most focused on.

An example from the book is a child who wants a bike. The child thinks about the bike, looks at photos of the bike, and even imagines himself riding the bike. Eventually, through visualization, the child attracts the bike into his life.

Most people don’t realize the law of attraction isn’t only for material items. You’re constantly attracting different things into your life, including people. More importantly, you will attract people with similar goals and aspirations. In the beginning, they may not always be the people you want.

For example, if you are a giving person, you will attract giving people. If you’re selfish, you’ll attract the selfish. People who like to dance, know and hang around other people who like to dance, and so on.

The point I’m making here is, who you are and what you enjoy doing multiplies in your life. Not just in the form of material things, but in the form of people too.

You Are Who You Hangout With

Recently, I was having a conversation with my cousin and her boyfriend, Nathan. During the conversation Nathan said, “The people who live in Baltimore are dumb.” I replied with, “The people who live in Baltimore are not dumb. Have you ever thought maybe the people you choose to hang around are dumb?”

Don’t get me wrong, there are unintelligent beings on every area of this planet. But, Baltimore is a city with over 620,000 people. Nathan’s lived in this area most of his life and you’re telling me, he hasn’t been able to find any intelligent life forms to hangout with? I’m sure that’s not the case.

I can tell you what his true problem is though. His personality, his thoughts, and the things he enjoys doing. All things he can change and all things contributing to the type of people he has in his life currently. Unfortunately for him, those people  may be dumb.

No offense to Nathan, but what he considers dumb are literally his own beliefs and views being manifested in the people he spends the most time with.

My Friends

At the time of this post, I’ve been living in Baltimore for 3 years. Let’s take a look at a couple of the friendships I’ve built.

Dominique Brightmon is a motivational speaker and librarian who recently published his first book, “Going North!: Tips and Techniques to Advance Yourself”, and it’s for sale on Amazon.com.

Sandy James is an ultra marathon runner and motivational speaker. Sandy also has a blog that was nominated by the Baltimore Sun (Newspaper) as the most influential blog in the Baltimore area in 2016 and WON!

Now let’s bring it all together. The fact I have a blog and I’m writing a book should be of no surprise to anyone. Why? Because I’ve attracted writers and all-around motivated individuals into my life.


You are what you attract and you should pay close attention to this fact. Consider the kind of energy you’re putting out into the universe. What gets put out will, without a doubt, be brought right back to its source, you.

The key to attracting the right people, is continuous self improvement. Work on becoming the type of person you’ve always wanted to be. This way you’ll begin to design your life with your best self in mind. As a result, you’ll see the people in your life change for the better.

An added benefit, you’ll begin to do away with all the people and things that are not contributing to the greatness in you.

On the other hand, if you don’t change yourself, don’t expect anything else in your life to change either. As a result, you will be resigning yourself to spending your days and nights with the dumb people in your city too.

Your network equals your net worth, both monetarily and mentally. Do you agree or disagree? Comment below.


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